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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  June 12, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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50 people lost their lives in orlando today. the terrorists are still out there and this country is still free. but we mourn and we remember. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. orlando to command, we have shots fired on scene. is requesting you to stay back. don't go in. >> all personnel, back to your base. you're not in a position of cover. this is a fox news alert. i'm geraldo rivera reporting. it was a slaughter house. the pulse was filled with partygoers when the gunfire started at 2:00 this morning. special hatred in his twisted
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heart, omar mateen by name, chose his target well. relatives of the victims and survivors of the at least 50 -- and we've heard as many as 59, but at least 50 were murdered and the 53 who were injured, some grievously, the gunman blocked the exit so he could perpetrate his disgusting mayhem. eyewitnesss described the condition of the bodies as chopped to pieces by long, long periods of incessant gunfire during which victims were shot even as the killer omar mateen taunted police with the 911 call that might rank around history's greatest obscenities. we have interviews with senator marco rubio, governor rick scott, with attorney general pam bondi and many others. right now, listen to an eyewitness account of what that horror was like inside the pulse
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orlando nightclub this morning when that fiend opened fire. >> omthis man lost his dear frid jimmy. describe what happened, chris. >> it was a nightmare. everything started -- after the last call for alcohol, we were standing at one of the walls and we just started hearing the first or two boom, boom but i think beginning with everybody, we thought it was part of the music that was really loud and could be the sound track or whatever the music. but when everybody started hearing the da, da, da, it was like 100 bullets or something for a minute. everybody to the floor, everybody to the floor. so we went to the floor and then he started shooting closer and
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closer and closer and then there was a moment that it was stopped so everybody probably thought that we were probably done with it. he would just reload in his gun and to start killing more people. so when i heard he was getting close to the area that me and my friends were, i dragged myself to the restroom that was close to the patio and when we dragged myself over there, we hide over there because there was no place to hide. there was no other place to run. there were no other place like you can be running for your life because the bullets were going craze glee and crazy and crazy. everybody was screaming and then when i was on the floor, people were in front of me and there was a lot of blood, people getting killed and then the guy who was doing this, he was actually shooting the people that was trying to save themselves from the bullets on
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the floor. one by one, bang, bang, bang. there were probably 15 or 20 people inside and we tried to hold the door, do like a human wall. we were just trapped in the restroom until we find that somebody was knocking on the door real bad and we thought it was the bad guy but we realized at the end after the noise came down, everybody was screaming, people were going outrageous, they lose their mind. we find out that it was orlando police. so when we heard it was police, we opened the door and then all the police took us out. at the end of the day, we don't hide in the restroom like we did, i probably going to be dead, too if i stayed on the floor. >> describe to me what he was doing to the people who were already shot. describe that. describe what you saw. >> what i saw, i can actually hear, was like bullets flying, flying and the people that was
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on the floor, like when the body received a shots, that's one of the last thing that i saw before i went to the restroom. so when i went to the restroom i prayed for my life until the police came and saved us. >> he was shooting people that were already wounded, he was shooting them again. >> and again and again and again. and on the wall that i was hiding in the restroom, i could feel that he was next to the same spot i was on the other side of the wall because you can hear, boom, boom, boom. in my ear, i can still have the bee from the shooting in my ear. the thing is, there was no other exit. >> there was just that one exit, the other exits locked and you had no way out? >> the only way to get out of there was through the main entrance. but you couldn't go through the main entrance because the guy was shooting from the main entrance. we felt we were trapped over there and there was no other side, only the restroom to hide.
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there was no other place to run. there was no place to run for your life. >> describe jimmy. describe jimmy who you lost. >> jimmy was one of my best friends. he -- also was my oldest brother for me. he helped me the most, the good and the back and i don't know what happened. he stayed behind but he stayed behind like this on the floor and he got up and he was shooting the ones that were alive on the floor, too. he wasn't shooting the dead. he was shooting to everybody. >> and what do you think was motivating him? first of all, did you get a look at him? >> i feel so close because i don't want to take a look because i thought i would get a bullet from it. >> what do you think was in his heart, this killer, this savage? >> i can say that he was
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outrageous, probably going crazy. he was determined to kill because at first i thought maybe it could be a fight, probably boom, boom, something, from a misunderstanding. but when i heard the doom, doom, doom, i understood that he just went over there to kill. he doesn't want to get a drink, he killed everybody that was inside. >> he went there to kill, to murder you and your friends? >> everybody that was moving, he will try to kill them. >> and the fact that he could do it for so long, that this lasted so long, what do you think about that? >> i thought it was never going to end. i was really scared. i never saw death so close like i saw it today. the bodies that were like on the floor, it was a lot of blood, a pool of blood on it. it was bodies on top of another. there were people holding hands,
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people that were trying to run, that was the first people that he started shooting like crazy and they were going like dominos on the floor. >> do you think he was targeting you because you were a gay man or because you are an american? >> to be honest, i didn't even expect that something like this could happen but it could be like -- i don't know if it was a religion reference or it could be maybe -- >> he said it was islamic extremism, that's what he said in his 911 call. >> his 911 call? so probably he -- he probably had a sociopath, psychological problem. >> do you think you'll ever get over this? >> i hope i get over this probably never get over the loss of my friend. >> chris ortiz, one of the survivors. harrowing, harrowing experience. he goes on to describe how the shooter, after he exhausted the ammunition that he had, would reload, calmly reload and then begin shooting again and then when he exhausted the rounds of
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ammunition in his weaponry, reload it again and there was no way for the people inside to get out. he was the person blockading them inside. he massacred them. padlocks on the back doors. that's what authorities will be looking at. but this killer, this awful person, this american citizen born in new york living in florida, his father an afghan politician, very erratic, the fact that omar mateen, 29 years old, was interviewed by the fbi twice in 2013, again in 2014 for association with known islamic extremists, including this american who became a suicide bomber, is another thing that must be probed, that must be investigated. why was this person not on some
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kind of terror watch list? how could he just go up to a gun store and purchase an ar-15 and just days before this? these are questions that america must ask. we must ask of our authorities. i will be asking of the florida attorney general, pam bondi, she'll be joining me live. governor rick scott will be joining, senator marco rubio will be joining us. say hello to sarah lopez who lost her friend jimmy inside that club. the fact that they were trapped in there, that must give you a nightmare, sarah. >> if they had hope to survive, they couldn't. there was no signs. that club is a trap. >> how much a trap? describe for our audience how you were told that jimmy, jimmy
7:11 pm
va valaquez, that he was among the dead. >> they were telling us a list of the survivors and they said something kind of like if you don't hear the list, like then they might be dead, or something like that because it was a pandemonium. as soon as they started saying that, some people started collapsing. we're talking about almost 250 people there. people were vomiting. crying. i couldn't even hear. by this time, i don't have an official information that they have found his body yet. because it was chaos, chaos. >> thank you so much, sarah lopez. appreciate it. attorney general pam bondi next, then again marco rubio, and then governor rick scott. we'll be right back. what's it like to be in good hands?
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we were all just having a good time. but once people started screaming and shots just keep ringing out, you know that it's not a show anymore and you've got to do what you've got to do. >> obviously, pulse orlando is a gay club.
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it was a latin theme night. that's why so many of the victims are hispanic. it is a blow to this community, orlando, where there has been a burgeoning of hispanic population. joining me is eddie and he was in the club for a few minutes before it happened. first of all, carlos, our deepest condolences to you and eddie and everyone involved. >> thank you, geraldo. >> what about specifically the blow to the lgbt community. >> this is a horrific act of violence that has been attacked against our sense of community, not just as lesbian, gay, transgender and queer individuals but also as americans and as human souls and we see this attack on our community as an attack on all of us. we've been proud today to stand with so many other communities in solidarity specifically with the muslim and islamic community
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and in sending a message that this type of hate is not going to divide us and that this type of bigotry is not going to change us. it's going to make us stronger. >> they very much want to change. eddie, you were in the club minutes before this occurred. what happened to them? >> i was there with six friends and one of the friends was visiting from out of town. four of my friends passed away. two are injured and -- two are missing. one of them is injured at the hospital here and hopefully we'll hear more news from him. >> so you heard the names of the survivors and then four names of the friends were not mentioned? >> yes, sir. >> and what was that awful experience like? >> it was horrible. it was like hell. it was very sad to see people that were just having a good time, especially the families of these people that some of them didn't know that their sons or daughters were going to this type of club and in disbelief. i had a woman grab me and said
7:18 pm
please tell me this is a nightmare. please slap me and tell me why this is happening. >> stand by, gentlemen, if you would. the attorney general of the great state of florida, pam bondi, joins us live. you and i spoke at the briefing. you know, how did this islamic extremist thug get these weapons? >> you know, geraldo, you were the first person today at that press conference to set the scene with reporters all over the world and you were the first person to ask that question. thank you for asking that. they were the questions that will be asked down the road. but right now as your chief legal officer and law enforcement officer, i think your last guest said it -- couldn't have said it any better. and this is about human beings and not whether you're part of the lgbt community tremendously damaged today, this is about all
7:19 pm
floridians and the country and the world coming together to support americans who were killed, gunned down and in the hospital right now. and that's what i'm working on as attorney general. you know, as a prosecutor, i've been there so many times in the middle of the hurt of tragedy and you were there today. you thought the gentleman with you were right in the middle of it and that's what i'm focusing on now. we're bringing in victims advocates from throughout the state of florida and we've learned we need many nor spanish speaking ones. we're working with the city of orlando and hand in hand. i'll be back there early tomorrow morning at the scene with our advocates. but right now, it's about uniting our community, fighting for orlando, fighting for the lgbt community and all of america. >> general bondi, before i let
7:20 pm
you go, general, this is -- i said on the o'reilly show earlier and i don't want people to think i am alarmist, but i really believe this is the existential threat for the united states of america because one of these savages one day is going to get his hands on a weapons of mass destruction and instead of an ar-15, he's going to get into a crowd much larger than the pulse orlando and blow up something nuclear or biological or something else, sigh gigantic bomb and cause massive, massive casualties. how in the world does the chief law enforcement officer for the state of florida do you keep the folks here safe, pam? >> well, geraldo, first of all, you're not an alarmist, you're very accurate. this is a radical islam at its worst. attacking our good community, our community of orlando, which is a safe community. florida is safe. our country is safe.
7:21 pm
but for these radicals. you're not an alarmist. you know what they did -- they are call terrorists for a reason. they want us to stay in our homes. they want us not to go to work, to fear. they want to lock us in our homes, our kids not to go to school and they are not going to get away with that. you're not an alarmist, you're a realist. and that's what we're dealing with in our world today. what you're saying is extremely rational and the world needs to recognize that. we need to be vigilant but we cannot run in fear nor are we. and that's why what we saw today, geraldo, in that command center, we saw federal agents working hand in hand with state, local law enforcement, u.s. attorneys, state prosecutors, statewide prosecutors all working as a team to stop this. >> attorney general pam bondi, thank you so much, general. i really appreciate it. >> thank you, geraldo. thank you. >> you got it. i want to go back to carlos
7:22 pm
smith from the equality florida and eddie meltzer who was at the club just before the shooting took place. this has to be a profound blow to your community. so much so that do you fear that you'll never again live this kind of open life despite the fact that you have equal rights now under the law, now you are targeted by islamic extremists and you know how they feel about gays and lesbians. >> this is an act of terror against all americans certainly. i think our community will stand in solidarity, be stronger. there's clouds gathering at the parliament house, another gay club in orlando just down the street from here right now and they are sending a message that love trumps hate. it's the same message that we need to send to those folks who lost loved ones today, the loved ones who i want to name on the air. >> name them. we're going to do a segment just to name the victims, i promise
7:23 pm
you. >> absolutely. >> you can't leave. >> eddie, stand by as well. as i mentioned, we have an interview coming up with a spokesman for the muslim community. is there enough surveillance on the community? how is it that mosques have not yet turned over any useful information of their congregants. was this shooter an active practicing muslim or not? and we'll be back. [phone buzzin] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. new mirafiber from the makers of miralax. fall in love with a new daily fiber. it's the only fiber that supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber. so unlike others,
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i can't explain what -- because i was in the room.
7:27 pm
it happened that quick. we were standing outside the club and all you hear is gunshots. all you hear is gunshots. like, i don't understand. >> what does the local muslim community think about what happened in this now afflicted town, orlando, florida? the chief executive director of the council on islamic-american relations here in florida, here's my interview with mr. shilby. >> you know, hasan, this will put enormous pressure on the islamic community. what's your reaction? >> our biggest concern is not the pressure it will put on the muslim community but for the victims. we lost last night over 50 of our fellow floridians killed in cold blood. we are encouraging the community to go out there and donate blood and we launched a campaign to
7:28 pm
raise funds for the victims to provide assistance. we need to stand united as americans, regardless of our race and ethnicity against all of those who commit horrific acts of violence. >> well said. do you know anyone who knows anything about this perpetrator? >> well, it's too early to know much about it. what i do know is he was a criminal. he killed over 50 of our fellow americans and we need a full investigation and anybody involved in this needs to be brought to justice and he'll have to answer to god for that crime where he murdered 15 innocent people. we are outraged and heartbroken for the victims. >> was he devout and did anyone that you know know him? >> look, nobody can be devout who takes the lives of 50 innocent victims. that goes contrary to the beliefs of the religion of god. >> granted. but now myis, did anyone that you know know him? >> again, it's too early to confirm.
7:29 pm
what i do know, he lived here in the great orlando area in sport st. lucie. he speaks for nobody but himself. >> the fact that he was able to buy victims so easily? >> that's what is so horrific. how can somebody who is so deranged like this get access to such bloodshed? >> what about this pressure that it puts on your community? the calls for surveillance will be enormously enhanced. there will be more pressure to ban muslim immigration even though he's a citizen born here in new york, in the united states. you know this will impact your parishioners. >> well, it's important to remember that our enemies can never destroy us. we can never destroy ourselves as americans if we allow hate and fear to undermine the principles of liberty and justice and equality. before the blood of the victims even dry, i don't want to see
7:30 pm
politicians taking advantage of this horrific crime to promote their own political agenda. that's not good for america. discrimination makes us less free and safe and bad for this country. >> all bad, i grant as well, but you know this will increase calls to enhance surveillance and security when it comes to muslims. >> it will. and we should remember last year there was over 372 mass shootings. only two of which involved muslims. for me, that's two too many. we're working to make it zero. nonetheless, we should not give up the principles of liberty and justice. >> should the mosques be more open? >> what we've done over the last year is we've offered over 40 trainings protecting against terrorism and identifying extremism and protecting against mass shootings. we've already been working very hard and offer our services to all centers, churches, synagogues to offer free counterterrorism and counter mass shooting training and safety training. >> hassan, i have never heard of
7:31 pm
one instance in which a mosque has turned out or turned in someone who is mouthing extremist rhetoric. >> you haven't spoke to me because we went to several mosques to report people who were planning ongoing to isis. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> this guy was reported by his fellow employee, omar mateen was reported by his fellow employees who felt he was so radical that he was a danger. the fbi interviewed him twice in 2013, again in 2014. robert spencer, you're a director of jihad watch. you're out of boston. also joining me, peter brooks, former cia analyst and former assistant secretary of defense and mike baker, former ops officer. robert, what about the fact that this killer, this savage,
7:32 pm
invoked the tsarnaev brothers? >> the koran to strike enemy in the hearts of the law and to kill gays. and so he was acting clearly trying to emulate the tsarnaev brothers. he was a regular attendee and on the terror watch list. there's too many people like him to keep track of all of them and that's exactly what the islamic state or isis wants to bring about. they hope to have so many that the system will be overwhelmed and collapse. he was last in ft. pierce two days ago. does anybody care to look into the possibility of whether he
7:33 pm
could have learned his understanding of the islam, learned about the command to kill gays from the islamic center? >> very well said. robert spencer, thank you. peter brooks, what about the fact that there was a florida connection with the tsarnaev brothers. one was killed in an interrogation with federal authorities here in florida. is it possible that this guy was friends with the tsarnaev brothers? do you know anything about that? >> it's certainly possible, geraldo, and something that needs to be looked into. there's so many painful lessons here that florida and the fbi are certainly going to have to look at. what i think is important here is, is there an international connection? he talked about this 911 call, if it's accurate, that he may have said that he pledged allegiance to isis. was he just inspired by isis or directed by isis? this was a very critical question we need to know.
7:34 pm
>> and mike baker, does it really matter, here's a guy that committed the worst mass shooting in american history, for goodness sake, even if he only got turned on to isis by watching the news, he was just as deadly as the most schooled terrorist, mike. >> right. yeah. and you asked a very important question in your previous interview with your cair representative about how many times have mosques, you know, turned in someone for extremist comments. in reality, the problem here is i think we'll find out as we go through the investigation and the steps that are required, that there were signs of increasing radicalization. unfortunately, those signs typically are only available as we've seen in past cases to family members. getting a family member to drop a dime on somebody within that family or even a close associate on that person is extremely --
7:35 pm
it's a huge lift. if i could, one other point that's already starting to surface, it's that typical drumbeat about the failure of the fbi and law enforcement. the fbi did what they are allowed to do within the parameters and regulations set up by congress and how they are allowed to behave. it's gone more and more towards civil liberties and privacy over the past few years as we all become aware. the law does not allow them to have an open investigation to carry out surveillance and monitor calls and all of those things. they did what they were able to do within the law. >> mike baker, again, thank you for a very accurate recounting. peter brooks, thank you. if you guys would stand by, we have lots of other guests but your expertise, i want to try and get back to you if i can. coming up, we're going to go
7:36 pm
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welcome back to orlando, florida, sadly, the scene of the worst mass shooting in history. it's horrifying, the worst act of terror since the 9/11 attacks. i was in afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. it's so melancholy that we continue to fight that fight. but steve, rather than bring you all the way back to 2001, let me bring you to november 2015 when you and i were in paris for the attacks there, paris and, of course, at the stadium where my own daughter simone was watching a soccer game and three suicide
7:41 pm
bombers detonated their vests just outside the stadium. reflect on, as you stand in front of that hotel where the victims' families were notified, reflect on that arc, you know, the great ocean is no longer a protector for people here in the united states. >> and the war itself, geraldo, has really changed to a war that is really difficult, even for people like you who have been to a lot of wars, to just understand what is going on. the word i kept hearing from people inside that nightclub was, i'm puzzled. i'm baffled. i just didn't think it was, you know, part of the plan. they heard sounds but they didn't imagine -- it's really a sense of disbelief. people weren't ready for it and it's hard to imagine that kind of brutality. i remember in paris just looking at some of those cafe tables and trying to imagine someone with a rifle shooting young men and
7:42 pm
women for a night out like that. you know, they are calling it a war but this is something different. it's hard for people in paris to understand and the victims here tonight and their family members really are still in a sense of disbelief. they are calling it a war but this slaughter of innocence of young people in both places is very hard to understand, even for people who have been to conflict zones. >> steve herrigan, the awful cycle that you and i have seen for so many years, the copycat, is that the big fear now, steve? >> reporter: i think that certainly is the fear. and you've got to wonder when this disbelief is going to go away, how can attacks like this change our society and how we go about things. we've been in countries where there's tougher security measures. is that coming here? do attacks like this really foretell a change in our society, a change in our laws and in the way we think about
7:43 pm
other people? you know, it's baffling to me and hard to understand. it just worries you something deep inside when you see this kind of brutality. it's hard to understand, geraldo. >> steve harrigan, thank you much. ladies and gentlemen, yes, first we mourn the victims in the pulse orlando nightclub, we must find out everything that about this islamic extremist who perpetrated this worst mass shooting in american history. you have to ponder the vulnerability to these jihadis. the communities must be surveilled intensely, including social media. i apologize ahead of time to many -- i love the muslim community. i know so many people. but there must be increased surveillance. this person, this 29-year-old new york-born omar mateen, you have to check out his facebook. you have to monitor the way the new york pd monitors the gangs
7:44 pm
and their social media. we have to do it to someone who has crossed the paths of the fbi, certainly, we have to sur veil th surveil them. this killer says he was inspired by isis, he's known to the fbi and other law enforcement agencies, for goodness sakes. to me, the fact that he was questioned twice in 2013, again in 2014 for suspected connections in the 2014 incident, a guy who became a suicide bomber, for goodness sake. there were other indications he was an islamic extremist. his father is a nut job. how was this animal able to purchase these guns? and why weren't authorities alerted last week when he armed himself and set to commit mass murder?
7:45 pm
let's go now to senator marco rubio, former presidential contender. >> of course, florida senator marco rubio, lately a contender the republican nomination for president, as you know. senator, first of all, our deep condolences to you, your reaction when you got the news. >> well, unfortunately, it wasn't a terrible surprise given the fact that we know that home-grown violent extremism, people that sometimes never travel abroad, they get radicalized online or by some other group and attack a soft target. it could have happened anywhere. the war on terror is real and it visited orlando last night. >> what does the country do? what does the state of florida do? how do we protect citizens against the self-starting needs and spontaneous combustions inspired by isis? >> the war on theerror is not
7:46 pm
over. he's a radical islamic terrorist who took a warped view of his religion and thought it justified the killing of innocent people in a place like what we saw last night. so it requires efforts to take away the capabilities of this group to inspire people online and defeat them militarily and get the islamic world to reject them ideologically. the rest of the community is doing what it needs to do, the lines of people donating blood are eight hours long. i'm very proud with the way the community has responded. >> the fact that the victims were gay, what import do you put to that? does it add an aspect of hatred to the terror or is it just a hatred of another. >> we know what they think and the orientation to be gay or lesbian, i am sure the evidence will lead us there. it was in addition, all terrorism is a hate crime but
7:47 pm
this was a crime -- this was a terror event aimed specifically at a group of people that appearsnd it's wrong. they are americans who will fight on their behalf and have a right to live in peace and safety. >> senator marco rubio nailing it on the head. all acts of hatred as well. the fact that he was able to get a legal gun after being interviewed in 2013 by the fbi and stringently in 2014 and on the radar of the fbi. >> that's why the home-grown extremist is to difficult. you're only prevented from getting a gun based on what you have done. we can't predict the future. he was not adjudicated of anything. he was investigated. the fbi knew he had leanings but no just cause under our laws to remove him or take away his rights. that's why the home-grown violent extremists are difficult to deal with. they may be saying something on facebook but until they doing in
7:48 pm
something, you can't move in on them. it's terrible that he was able to get that and use it. if it wasn't a handgun, he could have used a car full of explosives, a pipe bomb. they are pretty determined to carry out their cause. >> so the outlook going forward now with isis saying they need more of these kinds of attacks because we're closing in on them over there, i mean, we have to snuff them out over there for sure but will this be a period, do you feel and you're so connected to the intelligence community, will this be a period of escalating violence? >> from what we know now, they publicize them in their online magazine and call on their followers around the world to conduct these kinds of attacks. this is the kind of attack they encourage. massive attacks against soft targets in spectacular ways in areas like this and this -- i imagine that there are similar plots similarly minded individuals throughout the country. the fbi has repeatedly told us, they have hundreds of people in this country who they suspect of
7:49 pm
being home-grown violent extremists. i'm sorry to say, this probably won't be the last time we confront something like this in america. >> will this fuel donald trump's call for a ban of muslim immigration? >> i can tell you this monster was born and raised in the united states of america and we don't even know if he traveled abroad. with the islamic state that they are able to put out online, you don't need people to travel abroad to carry out an attack like this. you can radicalize them right here in florida. >> senator marco rubio, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, rick scott, the governor of florida and more after this. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks.
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back live, orlando, florida, scene of the worst mass shooting in american history, at least 50, i heard as many as 59, but at least 50 are confirmed killed, 53 are injured. governor rick scott is next. >> i'm sorry it's under these circumstances, my god. >> i'm thinking about these poor families, i've got daughters, yeah, grandkids. and you imagine thissi happenin to your family. they're still trying to reach loved ones, next of kin. they're trying to process this as quickly as they can. i can't imagine these families. >> if the reports are true, the father is saying it was because of the identity of the victims, the fact that they were gay and the son was in some way outraged. he saw two men kissing or something like that. do you credit that at all, an act of hate, or is this pure terrorism and a combination? >> we don't have enough details on that. this is a state that we love
7:55 pm
people, we have over 200 languages spoken here, we're an inclusive state. so we're going to find all these things out. and the goal is, as you try to find these things out, you try to make sure it never happens again, but, again -- >> hope is it never happens again. let's go back to my three wise men, peter brooks, mike baker, president of diligence l.l.c. give us your most important thoughts. >> let's remember, it's also ramadan, and ramadan is a time when muslims increase their devotion to allah. and it involves waging war -- >> i'm up against a hard break. i'm up against a hard break. i'll be right back. experience the thrill of the lexus gs f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control.
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let's end where we began, with a focus back on the victims, carlos, give us the
8:00 pm
eight known dead, >> the eight victims, many of them young latin men. edward sotomayor junior, luis omar capo. breaking tonight, terror in the united states. the worst mass shooting in our nation's history. and tonight new details on the killer. hello, and welcome to this special two-hour edition of justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. the death toll in orlando stands at 50 with at least 53 injured, some of them critically. the shooter identified as omar mateen, a u.s. citizen armed with an assault rifle and handgun. he pledged allegiance to isis in a 911 call maid


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